January 28, 2023

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Is JuanHand a Trusted Loan App? Read on to find out!

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Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

CaSHINK | Is JuanHand a Trusted Loan App? | JuanHand Online Loan App (OLA) is one of the best online lending applications. Using this mobile app is very easy, plus their service to their customers makes it stand out among the rest. One of the outstanding benefits of this lending app is that you will receive your money within just a few minutes after your application.

So how do you begin to use the JuanHand online loan app? Here are the steps:

#1 Download the JuanHand mobile app through the Google Play Store or App Store.


#2 Once you open the application, enter your mobile number.


#3 A verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Write the code in the JuanHand app and then click “Sign-up.”

#4 Read the Privacy Policy and Service Agreement.  If you agree with these, click “Agree.”


# 5 Then set your password and confirm it by retyping the same password.

#6 Click “Borrow Now.”


#7 Fill-up your personal information details.

  • Contact information (email)
  • Purpose of loan
  • Educational level
  • Work information
    • Job occupation
    • Monthly income
    • Payroll period
    • Payday


#8 Next, enter three (3) Emergency contact information. (Make sure they know that you will provide their contact details to JuanHand.)


#9 Face recognition– take a selfie using the JuanHand app.


#10 Provide one (1) government-issued ID. Provide the details, and take a picture of the ID using the JuanHand app.

#11 Adjust the settings of your mobile phone as instructed by the JuanHand app.


#12 Reviewing Assessment – This part is quick; in a few minutes, the assessment of the loan amount will be completed.


#13 The amount that you can borrow from JuanHand can be seen. By swiping on the app, you may adjust the loan amount and the length of time before paying (loan period).


#14 Choose your preferred method to receive the cash and enter the required details.


#15 Press “Click to Get Cash.”


#16 You will be asked to read JuanHand’s Privacy Policy and Loan Agreement again. Make sure you understood these, then you can proceed.


#17 Wait a few minutes for approval.


#18 Wait a few minutes for your cash to be received in the method of your choice (GCash or bank transfer). The app says that the cash will be received within one (1) day, but most of the time, it arrives within five minutes only.

Isn’t it so easy to borrow the money you need through JuanHand? I personally don’t want to promote lending, but in times when we are really pressed financially, this is a simple, fast, and safe cash lending option.

Having tested this online lending app, we would not hesitate to recommend JuanHand to anyone in need of a short-term loan. For other questions about the app, check out their website or this FAQs article.



Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay